Lonely Lane | Dallas, TX Creative Agency and Video Production
Lonely Lane | Dallas, TX Creative Agency and Video Production


Why Lonely Lane?

In 2009, I was entering my final semester studying music and entrepreneurship at Loyola University of New Orleans. I had worked my way through college as a front-of-house and production manager. My aspirations had always been to work in the music business but the more I learned about film, the more I gravitated towards that as a career path.

I balanced my school and day job with personal creative work, like producing short films and a weekly podcast. This allowed me to meet some very talented artists that I still collaborate with to this day. I was introduced to a director who had recently created a viral web series with Fifty People, One Question. As we commercialized the property, I would become an equity holder and the operations manager. 

We would go on to found Deltree, a creative agency based out of New Orleans and Los Angeles, along with talented producer Abby who now serves as Head of Production at Lonely Lane. As COO of Deltree, I would get a crash-course in building an agency from the ground up.

As life called the Deltree co-founders to different parts of the country, I decided it was time to begin building something new for myself. I took nearly a decade worth of experience and set out to build Lonely Lane.

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