International Music Superstar


Crafting a


By the



Platinum Albums

Album artwork for These Things Happen and When It's Dark Out which sold over one million units each



And counting


Music Videos

Producing official music videos as well as a multitude of lyric videos and tour materials

The Challenge

Help a new artist gain recognition on the mainstream level.

The Solution

Use the music as soundtracks behind high-level visual narratives rather than the typical music videos associated with the genre.

Craft a style that fits being "the James Dean of Hip Hop."

From a local New Orleans college rapper to an international superstar and lifestyle icon, G-Eazy's ascension has been meteoric.

From his beginnings as an independent rapper, we knew he had something truly unique and wanted to help foster his image. Every visual undertaking was meant to push the "black on black with hair slicked back" style he had cultivated. Every video was meant to convey an artist who moved beyond just hip-hop and music. We teamed with visionary directors like Daryn Deluco, Bobby Bruderle, and Tyler Yee to craft cinematic films based around G's music.

G-Eazy has gone on to sell out arenas around the world with his music, curate and design fashion brands with his style, starred in a feature film, and become the face of a whiskey brand. He has truly become an icon.

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