How to Turn Your Book Into an Animated Video – A Comprehensive Guide for Authors

How to Turn Your Book Into an Animated Video – A Comprehensive Guide for Authors

This post offers a comprehensive guide on how to turn books into animated videos and films.

It covers why animation enhances storytelling, steps for adapting stories and creating characters, choosing animation styles, working with studios or production companies, and marketing the finished video. The aim is to help authors expand their audience reach, make their stories more immersive, and breathe new life into their tales through animation.


Have you ever thought about making your book even more accessible by turning it into an animated video? Animation adds a dynamic layer to storytelling, making your characters and worlds leap off the page and into the hearts of audiences everywhere. Let’s explore how you can transform your cherished story into an animated adventure, from concept to screen.

Why Animate Your Children’s Book?

Animation offers a unique blend of visual and auditory elements that can enhance your storytelling, making it more immersive and engaging. By adapting your book into an animated format, you can reach a wider audience, boost your book’s sales, establish a distinctive brand, and stand out in a crowded market.

Adapting Your Story for Animation:

1. Identify Key Story Elements:

Focus on your story’s heart – its main characters, pivotal events, and core themes.

2. Streamline Your Narrative:

Condense your story to fit the animated format without losing its essence.

3. Craft a Script for Animation:

Write a script that brings your story to life visually, incorporating dialogue and directions suitable for animation.

A page from the shooting script of the animated short film Justin and the Werloobee based on the children's book Fruit of the Vine

Creating Characters and a Visual Style:

Character Design:

Work with artists to transform your story’s characters into animated personas that capture their essence.

Visual Style Development:

Establish a visual style that complements your story and appeals to your target audience, considering color schemes, backgrounds, and animation styles.

Storyboarding and Planning:

Storyboarding is essential for visualizing your animated story, planning shots and transitions, and communicating your vision to the animation team. It’s a collaborative process that lays the groundwork for bringing your story to life.

Choosing the Right Animation Style:

Selecting an animation style is crucial and depends on your story’s nature, audience preferences, budget, and timeline. From traditional 2D animation to immersive 3D, or even tactile stop-motion, each style offers different advantages.

Working with an Animation Studio:

Finding the right animation partner involves researching studios or freelancers with experience in children’s content, assessing their portfolios, and ensuring they understand your vision, goals, and preferred style.

Marketing and Distributing Your Animated Video:

Once your animation is ready, it’s time to share it with the world. Use it as a promotional tool on your website, social media, and email campaigns. Distribute it across video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, optimizing for SEO and encouraging sharing to maximize reach.


Animating your children’s book is a journey filled with creativity, collaboration, and excitement. It’s a way to breathe new life into your story, enchanting children and adults alike. Ready to start this adventure? Dive into the world of animation and see your story unfold in a whole new way.

Have you considered animating your children’s book? What excites you most about this process? Share your thoughts and questions below, and let’s start a conversation about bringing stories to life through animation!

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  • Livingstone Osaretin
    Jul 11, 2024

    I have an already self published children’s adventurous book with lots of animated character like talking lion, gorilla, an old and wise dragon, a magical eagle and more. It involves a dwarf family, a Pegasus and a journey to the land of the Gods. This book has already been written in animation form and I want to bring it to movie. How can you help me

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