Creating Spare & DART’s Documentary: A look behind the scenes

Creating Spare & DART’s Documentary: A look behind the scenes

When tasked with creating a brand film for Spare, Unwire, and DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit), our video production agency knew we had a unique and compelling story to tell. As we take you on a behind-the-scenes journey of our film making process, we’ll explore the challenges of crafting a powerful narrative while balancing the aims, goals, and perspectives of three distinct organizations and their stakeholders.

The Vision for the Brand Film

Our vision for the brand film was to showcase the powerful partnership between Spare, Unwire, and DART, while highlighting the real-world benefits of their GoPass and GoLink initiatives. We aimed to create a visually engaging and informative piece that would not only capture the essence of the companies and their collaboration but also demonstrate the transformative power of technology in public transportation.

Pre-Production Collaboration

The pre-production stage is a crucial part of the film making process, as it sets the foundation for the entire project. For this film, it was essential to understand the unique goals and perspectives of each organization and find a way to weave their individual stories into a cohesive narrative.

On-Location Shooting and Interviews

Armed with a solid understanding of each organization’s goals, we ventured out to capture the essence of DART’s public transportation system. We visited various transit stations, bus stops, and on-demand shuttle services throughout the city, filming the daily experiences of commuters using GoPass and GoLink services.

Post-Production and Editing

Once we completed our on-location shooting, our editing team faced the challenge of assembling the various interviews, footage, and visuals into a cohesive and engaging narrative. We carefully crafted the story to showcase the innovative technology and hard work behind the GoPass and GoLink initiatives while also illustrating their real-world impact on the community.


Our video production team is incredibly proud of the brand film we created for Spare, Unwire, and DART. It was an honor to tell the story of their partnership and the transformative effect of the GoPass and GoLink initiatives on public transportation in the Dallas area.

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