Reinventing Intelliloan’s Advertising: The Dynamic “Ask Ella” Campaign Unveiled

Reinventing Intelliloan’s Advertising: The Dynamic “Ask Ella” Campaign Unveiled

Intelliloan needed a flexible, eye-catching advertising campaign to keep potential clients informed about ever-changing mortgage rates and offers. Our video production agency rose to the challenge, developing an innovative broadcast campaign focused on Ella, a friendly AI assistant. She became the spokesperson for the entire “Ask Ella” campaign. In this case study, let’s dive into the creative process behind this inventive motion graphics campaign and discover how it helped Intelliloan stay ahead in a competitive market.

The Project: Crafting a Responsive, Engaging Broadcast Campaign

Intelliloan presented us with a unique challenge: to create a dynamic, engaging broadcast campaign that could be easily updated with mortgage rates and offers as they changed daily or weekly. To tackle this, we developed a campaign centered around Ella, an AI assistant designed to provide potential clients with up-to-date information and guidance.

Our goal involved crafting a visually appealing, informative campaign that could be swiftly adapted to reflect the latest industry trends, ensuring Intelliloan’s advertisements remained relevant and captivating to their target audience.

The Creative Process: Bringing Ella to Life and Embracing Motion Graphics

To create Ella, our team of designers and animators collaborated closely, developing a visually striking AI character that appeared approachable and professional. Ella’s design and personality needed to represent the Intelliloan brand while also resonating with potential clients.

Alongside Ella’s design, we decided to employ a motion graphics style for the campaign. This choice allowed us to produce dynamic, attention-grabbing visuals that could be easily and quickly updated to reflect changes in the mortgage lending industry. By using motion graphics, we ensured the “Ask Ella” campaign always provided viewers with the most accurate and current information.

Production: Developing the “Ask Ella” Commercials

With Ella’s design and the motion graphics aesthetic in place, our production team began creating a series of commercials for the “Ask Ella” campaign. These commercials starred Ella as the central spokesperson, offering viewers relevant information about mortgage rates, refinancing options, and other industry news.

Our animators and motion graphics artists collaborated to develop fluid, engaging visuals that highlighted Ella’s AI capabilities and kept viewers informed. By designing the commercials with a modular structure, we facilitated seamless updates with the latest information, allowing Intelliloan to maintain fresh and current advertising.

The Results: A Triumph in Adaptable Broadcast Campaigns

The “Ask Ella” campaign turned out to be a tremendous success for Intelliloan, receiving positive feedback from viewers and leading to increased brand awareness and customer inquiries. The innovative use of motion graphics and the creation of Ella as the campaign’s spokesperson enabled smooth updates to the commercials, ensuring that Intelliloan’s advertisements remained relevant and engaging in the rapidly changing mortgage lending environment.

Moreover, Ella’s AI persona struck a chord with viewers, humanizing the Intelliloan brand and fostering a sense of trust and reliability. Consequently, the “Ask Ella” campaign effectively positioned Intelliloan as an industry leader and a go-to source for mortgage lending information.


Developing the “Ask Ella” broadcast campaign showcased the power of creative problem-solving and innovative design from our video production agency. By using motion graphics and creating the AI assistant Ella, we delivered a dynamic and adaptable advertising solution that met Intelliloan’s unique needs.

If your brand faces similar challenges or seeks to create engaging and responsive advertising campaigns, our team is ready to collaborate and bring your vision to life. We’re passionate about using our expertise in video production, animation, and motion graphics to create compelling campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive business success. Together, let’s create your brand’s next innovative and impactful advertising campaign.

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